Donald Glover gets the last laugh, delivers hilarious Deadpool script slamming industry racism over series canning

Absolute wildcard of a human being, Donald Glover, has taken to Twitter to share his disappointment in the mid-production cancellation of his Deadpool animated series.

The animated series was yet another lucrative bag on the arm of the seriously talented rapper/ actor/ comedian/ director/ writer/ every-occupation-under-the-sun-you-name-it-Donald’s-probably-done-it. The highly anticipated series was kicked to the curb by Marvel Television, citing the ever-vague, and painfully curious, pretence (read: cop-out) of ‘creative differences’.

However, Glover felt he owed his fans a little more crumb – instead, taking to Twitter to upload a mock script for the canned series, titled ‘Finale’. And oh boy, it’s a doozy.

For the record: I wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool.

-Donald Glover (@donaldglover)

At risk of renouncing all journalistic capabilities to the reader… I really don’t want to spoil the script. Really, you’ve gotta read this thing for yourself. The 12-page treatment follows the irreverent Deadpool on a trip to the African Savannah to act as a security detail to Sudan (the last remaining male white rhino, may he rest in peace).

The script vaguely ponders the cancellation of the Deadpool series, whilst in the same breath hurling somewhat veiled (but nevertheless, pointed) accusations of industry racism. You can also expect Glover to throw a hat into the ‘who bit Beyoncé?’ scandal, a slew of pop culture references, and a spicy quip aimed at a certain human-merkin residing in the White House.

It’s hilarious. It’s the epitome of pop culture. And it’s Deadpool to a god-damn tee. First of all, Marvel Television – what on earth were you thinking? And more importantly, is there anything Glover can’t do?

The original tweets have since gone walkabout, but I was fortunate to screenshot the puppies before their unfortunate interweb demise. Witness them in all their glory below:

What do you think of the script, would you have watched the Deadpool animated series? Do you think the ‘creative differences’ excuse is a tired cop-out? Strike up a chat, below.

Image source: Huffington Post

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