Anderson .Paak steps out of the ‘Bubblin’ bath literally dripping in cash for latest clip

I don’t know if I’m just cheap, overly anxious, and/or environmentally aware; but an ATM spilling out loads of cold, hard cash seems like way too much trouble for what it’s worth… which, going off the clip for Anderson .Paak’s latest track looks like a coupla’ cheeky mil. Side note, how many wads does a real-life cash machine actually hold?

Absurd cash wastage aside, the Calmatic-directed clip for .Paak’s fresh track ‘Bubblin’ is a playful take on the usual RnB/Hip Hop ‘boats n hoes’ motif. Anderson, burdened with a spewing ATM, takes the fast track to the high life – living large in dapper suits, gold chains and extravagant furs. And you know you’ve made it big when you’re rapping beside a zebra, right?

‘Bubblin’ illustrates excess on street level; blending the spoils of the high life, with what I’m sure is a basic human instinct to reap the bennys of the burden of a sudden and unexpected cash flow.

Tbqh, I hadn’t really heard of Anderson until FKA Twigs shimmied down to ‘Til It’s Over’ in the Spike Jonze-directed HomePod video for Apple. But having read up on the guy, it seems his new ‘Bubblin’ lifestyle is well-deserved. The trap/hop fusion puts the kibosh on .Paak’s days bagging groceries and ‘pushin’ them carts’ to which he alluded in his 2017 collab track with Knxwledge, ‘Get Bigger’. ‘Bubblin’ is a swirling hot pot of .Paak’s cheeky lyrics,

‘Im’ma need all the fries you can gimme / All the hot sauce, all the pie you can gimme’

(my dream diet, just quietly) ladled over a steady bassladen beat and some seriously frenetic string synths. There is a hell of a lot happening in this track, but my ears are drinking up what .Paak’s pouring.

Take a dip in the evergreen pond that is Anderson.paak’s ‘Bubblin’ below, and get your greedy mitts on the track here.

Featured image source: Bandwagon

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