Thomston burns bright with liberating banger ‘Acid Rain’

NZ-hailing artist/producer Thomston (aka Thomas Stoneman) has debuted a minimalist video clip and contradicting Malfoy-esque look today, with the release of his latest single ‘Acid Rain’.

To my weathered ears, the bridge in this little cherry is super reminiscent of Cat Stevens‘ ‘Father and Son’; but, like, not as el depresso? Instead, Thomston explains that the track itself details a kind of reawakening,

It’s about being a bad judge of character, being wrong about someone you cared for, and the liberation of learning what you need and deserve from those around you…

Thomston goes on to explain that ‘Acid Rain’ is the next logical step in what sounds like a deeply personal journey; stating that his first record Topograph ‘sounded like letting yourself wallow in self-pity’, while his latest single ‘sounds like letting it go’.

Look, I dunno when 22-year-olds became so god damn mature but I’m bloody well here for it. I am also wholeheartedly here for scorching takedowns/ cliche break-up rhetoric sung with the equanimity of a falling feather.

I thought that you were holy water / But you were just acid rain.

To whomever/whatever this track is aiming its hindquarters at: ya unequivocally burnt.

‘Acid Rain’ was solely written and produced by Thomston, and the incredible and stunningly-located clip was directed by Nima Nabili Rad of Young Black Youth. Stoneman looks trendy as all hell, and his contrast against the vast, bare landscape only lends gravity to the emotion behind his lyrics.

Whilst no news of an upcoming record have been leaked, I’m bloody curious to see what else this NZ gem has in store. Ahem, another collab with dreamy Aus crooner Wafia would be great, kthnxbye.

Peep the incredible vid for ‘Acid Rain’ down yonder.

Featured image credit: Cybele Malinowski

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