Example Men’s Health article: A New Year’s Resolution Diet That Will Leave You Hooked

It’s that time of year again to compile a list of New Year’s resolutions undoubtedly destined to fail within the first week. Aiming to ‘live a healthier lifestyle’ is one of the most common, and also one of the easiest to ditch. But enjoying a nutritious diet needn’t rival an episode of Deadliest Catch! Not only has seafood long been recognised as an excellent source of protein and linked to an abundance of health benefits, it’s a super quick and easy staple that can transform your diet (and impress your partner) all year round.

Image credit: Ashleigh Douglas

The vast majority of these health benefits stem from the high fatty acid content of finfish which can help accomplish a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Seafood is one of the best dietary sources of iodine, and a fantastic source of taurine: an amino acid that plays a role in the breakdown of cholesterol.

 How often do I need to visit my local fishmonger?

 The recommended weekly intake of seafood is up to three or four servings… which is probably a hefty haul for the rookie fisherman. Fortunately, a lot of supermarket delis now stock a wide variety of conveniently deboned and skinned fish.

 Dust off the BBQ!

 The most efficient ways to cook seafood and minimise fatty acid losses are steaming, microwaving, baking and grilling – all the more reason to throw a couple of prawns on the trusty Weber! If you simply cannot avoid frying, then opt for cooking oils high in mono-unsaturated fat, such as canola or olive.

 Who knew that adding a little flavour to your fish could also be beneficial to your health? Introducing some garlic to your seafood dish has been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Seafood should be consumed in conjunction with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables to maximise antioxidant intake.

Don’t like seafood?

 There is no need to get your line tangled; fish oil supplements are a convenient option for those that can’t bear the fishy taste.

In a work-dominated culture, good nutrition is often cast aside. Grilling a garlicky swordfish steak or baking an Atlantic Salmon fillet with lemon juice and Moroccan spices takes as little as 15 minutes! Transforming an otherwise banal ‘meat and two veg’ dinner into a nutritious and flavoursome meal.

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