Jack River is driving me wild with super sultry ‘Limo Song’

Holly Rankin, powerhouse singer/producer behind the moniker Jack River, has driven home a hot lap of sensuality in her latest single ‘Limo Song’.

Lone western whistlin’ into the soft pink glow of an American diner, an aproned Rankin is pictured surrounded by tables of seriously aesthetically-gifted humans. The sensual tension is on high from the first drip of ice cream down her hand, and the stimulating imagery – see: plates of sultrily wobbling jelly (never thought I’d utter those words) – only complement the aural climax of Rankin’s crooning.

The track itself delves into a kind of ethereal limbo, with Jack River drawing parallels to a,

‘… melancholic dream world where you’re looking back and looking forwards all at once’

‘Limo Song’ has been described as ‘a tentatively outstretched hand, full of poignant yet unanswered questions’, but I almost feel that resonates in River’s vocal style. Dancing between breathy and slightly contralto; there’s a multi-dimensionality in her style that my ears have latched onto since ‘Fool’s Gold’, and it fucking works.

It’s been a bloody jam sandwich of a year for ol’ Jack, and not just in terms of releasing tracks worthy of topping every single one of my Spotify playlists. Rankin also coined and minted Electric Lady World – a platform for celebrating kickass ladies within the realms of music, sport, politics and more.

And somehow, in between the Electric Lady World tour and throwing together the Grow Your Own Festival in Forster, she’s found the time to deliver a debut album. Man, I really gotta stop watching so much TV and do something with my life.

Sugar Mountain is set for release on June 22nd, via I OH YOU. It’s also been announced that River’ll be taking her band on a grand national tour – stopping into the ports of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Newcastle. Tickets go on sale Monday 4th June – and if her previous show are anything to go by, ya better get your mitts in quick before they sell out!

Oh, and don’t fret Wollongongians –  if you can’t make it to the big smoke, JR is also playing at Yours & Owls festival in September.

Watch the clip for ‘Limo Song’ below, and tell me those metallic boots aren’t on your wish list too.


City Calm Down unveil new track, add Wollongong show to ‘Echoes in Blue’ tour

Melbourne lads, City Calm Down have unveiled a fresh track ahead of stepping out on the road for their Echoes in Blue tour. ‘Pride’ was released into the wild earlier this week, hand in hand with an enigmatic video clip.

Lead singer Jack Bourke describes the track as a lyrical exploration of,

‘the feelings of lashing out at loved ones due to personal insecurities, pushing them away without explaining why.’

Which, I think, is a feeling that the vast majority of us can level with. The track itself sees Bourke’s deep crooning laid over an ambient beat and some seriously eighties-sounding synth – which could very well be why my ears are finding ‘Pride’ super reminiscent of The Smithereens ‘Blood & Roses’. If you haven’t wrapped your ears around their latest record Echoes in Blue in its entirety, then I’d highly recommend pressing play on that cherry ripe asap.

Catch the vid for ‘Pride’ below. Would love to know what you think, so drop us a line below.

And get on down to the UOW UniBar on June 23rd for the End of Exams party, tickets available through Moshtix. Supported by Woodes + IV League!

Featured image credit: Ian Laidlaw