Cusack cures our Rick & Morty withdrawals with Ciggy Butt Brain-flavoured ‘Bushworld Adventures’

Alert the inter-dimensional authorities, Rick and Morty are back! In what appears to be an elaborate April Fools prank, Adult Swim have joined forces with Aussie animator Michael Cusack to bring thirsty Rickmo fans a slice of their fave animation… albeit, with the distinct flava-flav of stubbies and menthols.

Michael Cusack, the Aussie battler behind YouTube series Damo & Darren has teamed up with Adult Swim to produce a peak ‘Strayan sub for our favourite inter-dimensional duo. And, well, it’s everything you would expect from the confirmed Ciggy Butt Brain.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 7.26.18 pm

All the key characters make an appearance as their respective bogan alter-egos. Picture Beth as your garden variety Shazza, and Summer as ‘Straya’s answer to Danielle Bregoli.

I couldn’t help but notice that the perpetual-butt-of-every-joke, Jerry, appears uncharacteristically very un-Jerry-like – adopting the much cooler alias of a bush wizard named Dougie (cough, represent). It’s an unexpected arc; and sure, his bush wizard methods debatably toe the universal Jerry threshold but it’s nice to see the guy not wallowing in grief for once. So sue me, I’m a Jerry-sympathiser.

Apparently Adult Swim are streaming Bushworld Adventures until midnight in the US. So, best get in quick and catch this ripper ep in its entirety before you hit the sack tonight for a little Morty sleep.

Image(s) source: Adult Swim

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