‘No Place’ I’d rather hear new RÜFÜS DU SOL

Sydney alt-dance extraordinaire RÜFÜS DU SOL have signalled their return from a lengthy two year break with the release of their new single ‘No Place’.

To my just-rolled-over-and-started-scrolling morning ears, the track sounded a little on the darker side, but after a coupla’ loops it’s clear the guys haven’t lost their dreamy essence. ‘No Place’ is a little more fast-paced than their usual ethereal builds; nevertheless, the quicker beat still drives us to that majestic crashing RÜFÜS crescendo we all know and love.

It’s funny, it was only recently that I was discussing the lads’ MIA status and whether we could expect some new tunes any time soon. Et voilà! According to triple j, Tyrone, Jon and James have spent the past two years in Venice, California (their new home), cultivating a fresh sense of creative ambition,

“We are inspired by our new home out here, by the people we’ve met and the music we’ve heard along the way. We’ve got a refreshed sense of ambition and cannot wait to share our creation with the world.”

As whimsical and carefree as all that sounds (tbqh got me considering a career change), the band have been slaving away on their third album for the past year. Alas, it appears a release date isn’t yet on the cards. Looks like I’ll be keeping ‘No Place’ on warp factor for now, sorry neighbours.

Oh, and fans can finally rest assured – the lads have cleared up any confusion re: what the f their preferred moniker is. Forget the lowly RÜFÜS, friends. It’s official, RÜFÜS DU SOL is a red hot go.

You know I’ll keep my pals updated as any more news comes, but for now plug into ‘No Place’ below. Purchase your very own copy here.

Featured image source: triple j

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